A Community for Breastfeeding Support in Texas - From Day One

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Across the state, people are taking action to protect, promote,
and support breastfeeding.

Each year in Texas, almost 400,000 new mothers look forward to the birth of a new child — and to getting off to the best start with breastfeeding, from day one. Families know the many benefits that breastfeeding has for bonding, their finances, their child's growth and development, and the lifelong health of both mother and child.

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Whether you are concerned about improving maternal and infant health outcomes, preventing chronic disease and obesity, reducing health-related costs, or developing more sustainable food systems, you have a role in supporting breastfeeding.

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Inspirational Stories

Shannon O'Quin Wingo | Fort Worth, TX

"In February 2011, I helped coordinate the first Tarrant County Breastfeeding Coalition meeting. We had 25 individuals from various disciplines, including nursing mothers, two local neonatologists, registered nurses and dietitians, lactation consultants, child-care workers, registered pharmacists, and university professors..."
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