In the future, we see a healthier Texas.

An increase in the initiation, duration, and exclusivity of breastfeeding can help us reach that goal.

New mothers will be fully informed about their choices with infant feeding. They will be supported by their families, their health-care providers, their employers, and their communities to fulfill the infant feeding goals they have for their children, from day one.

In the future, mothers in Texas will:

  • Receive accurate, complete information about the specific benefits and risks of infant feeding methods.
  • Know that breastfeeding is "normal" and widely practiced and accepted.
  • Be supported in their decision to breastfeed by family, friends, health-care providers, employers, and communities.
  • Be shown how to breastfeed after birth.
  • Receive education to support breastfeeding and to prevent lactation problems.
  • Receive effective assistance and support with lactation problems that may arise.
  • Have time to spend with their babies after birth to bond and to get breastfeeding off to a good start.
  • Not feel embarrassed or ashamed to breastfeed in any location where they and their babies are – including public places.
  • Have support from their workplaces and child care providers to continue to breastfeed when they return to work.

Support the vision.

Whether a new mother will begin and continue to breastfeed is determined by many influences throughout her life. The environments that surround her before, during, and after pregnancy – especially at home, at work, in health care, and in the community where she carries out her daily activities – can shape both her decisions and her ability to act on her decisions. We each have a role in supporting the vision – and together we can build a healthier Texas.

Everyone can help.

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