With Research and Public Health Assessment

Data collection and analysis are essential for developing and evaluating cost-effective and targeted best practice activities for breastfeeding protection, promotion, and support; shaping policy; and identifying and validating priorities for allocation of funds, staffing, time, and other resources.

Additional research is needed on many aspects of breastfeeding in the United States. And while national monitoring on breastfeeding has improved in the last decade, it is limited at state and local levels.

You can help by increasing funding of breastfeeding research studies, strengthening and developing capacity for breastfeeding research, and improving monitoring and evaluation of breastfeeding rates, policies, and environmental factors.

For example:

  • Increase funding for research studies on how to increase breastfeeding rates.
  • Develop a consortium on breastfeeding research.
  • Enhance training of scientists on lactation, breastfeeding, and women's/children's health.
  • Collect data on the initiation of breastfeeding and in-hospital formula supplementation.
  • Collect information on policy and environmental supports for breastfeeding.

For more ideas about how you can help the promotion and support of breastfeeding through research or public health assessment, download this list of ideas.