Support at Work

To continue breastfeeding while fulfilling work responsibilities, working mothers need the support of their employers. Many women are uncomfortable talking to their employers, and many employers don't realize there's a need to provide support at work. Child-care providers may have practices or environments that fail to support or even that interfere with breastfeeding.

You can help by educating mothers about how to succeed at balancing breastfeeding and work responsibilities, by educating employers about the needs of their working-mom employees and the benefits of offering a mother-friendly worksite, and by generating a change in culture and organizational policy and environments among employers, within workforces, and in child-care settings.

For example:

  • Educate employers about the benefits of providing support for breastfeeding employees.
  • Promote comprehensive lactation support programs as part of basic employee benefits.
  • Promote programs that let mothers directly breastfeed babies after returning to work.
  • Promote adoption of breastfeeding standards in out-of-home child-care settings.
  • Develop paid maternity leave programs.

For more ideas about how you can help working mothers balance their work responsibilities while successfully achieving their personal breastfeeding goals, download this list of ideas.