Consider the impact one person can make.

The impact you make may be greater than you think. We want to inspire you to think beyond your own personal network and see the possibilities of what you can do to support breastfeeding in Texas.

Strengthen individual knowledge and skills.

This involves enhancing an individual's capability of supporting breastfeeding. You may be a nurse interested in helping your maternity patients or a mother interested in supporting other mothers in your neighborhood.

Promote community education.

Consider organizations — such as clubs, a local chapter of a trade association, a worksite, or a church — in which you have an ability to influence the members of that organization.

Educate providers.

You could inform health providers who will transfer skills and knowledge to their patients and colleagues or child care providers who will be better able to educate their staff and support their clients.

Foster a coalition or a network.

Build upon the connections you may already have to bring together other related groups and individuals for broader goals and greater impact.

Change organizational practices.

You could work to adopt, strengthen, or improve regulations or procedures and shape norms to improve breastfeeding support. For example, you could work to adopt policies and procedures in your workplace that provide standard basic supports for breastfeeding employees.

Influence policy or legislation.

Working through local, state, or national organizations, you could develop strategies to shape laws, ordinances, or administrative policies to protect breastfeeding.