Create a plan for change.

1. Define your objective.

Consider where and how you want to improve the support of breastfeeding, as well as how you can have the greatest impact. Download any of these documents for a list of ideas:

2. Design a personal plan of action.

What action will you take to reach your objective, who is your audience, and what tasks will you need to complete? Download a worksheet to help you draft your personal action plan to support breastfeeding.

Action Plan Worksheet PDF 92.86 KB

3. Build your toolkit.

To execute your plan, you will likely need a variety of resources such as research findings, materials for educating others, marketing tools, and best practice models of activities to support breastfeeding. Visit the Resource Library to locate helpful materials that will make up your personal toolkit.

4. Share your story.

Inspire others to make a difference by sharing your story about creating a breastfeeding-friendly Texas.