You can help support breastfeeding
in a variety of ways.

Inspire. You can help others envision what is possible.

  • Share stories of improved health and well-being due to changes in attitudes, organizational policies, environments, and behaviors that impact a woman's success in achieving her breastfeeding goals.

Inform. You can educate others and change perceptions.

  • Help others learn about breastfeeding support. Provide informative breastfeeding materials to your target audience, which may be one or more people.
  • Provide educational tools, such as workshops and training manuals, with your audience, and provide answers to their questions about breastfeeding.
  • Design and execute a campaign or marketing program about a specific breastfeeding issue or call to action.

Implement. You can improve systems and environments.

  • Implementing organizational or systems changes to create a breastfeeding-friendly environment usually involves:
    • A goal - to clearly define the kind of improvement you want to make.
    • Teamwork and coordination - to develop a strategy that meets needs of people throughout the organization.
    • A communications strategy - to gain buy-in from others to help champion and implement the changes.
    • An operation plan - to outline step-by-step how the changes will be implemented.
    • An evaluation plan - to define the measures you will use to determine whether you’ve achieved your goal.
  • Implementation may occur locally (at a church or place of business) or on a larger scale, such as a hospital system or a state-level organization.
  • Coordinate the steps you’ve outlined to improve systems and environments to support breastfeeding. One example of this might be helping your sister to talk with her employer and child-care provider about supporting her in reaching her breastfeeding goals. Another example could be working with a retailer to implement a new employee training policy on ways to support customers who wish to, or need to, breastfeed in the store.